FinnishPod101 Review: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

We all know that Finnish is a challenging language to learn. So, when I started hearing about this new platform, I knew I had to check it out and provide a FinnishPod101 review. They claim to be the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Finnish—are they? Let’s dive in and see!

I’ll go through my full FinnishPod101 review: how to use the platform, some technical information, and then my final verdict on the platform.

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How To Use FinnishPod101

FinnishPod101 is an easy platform to use. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get started:

Step 1: Create an account

You can use my affiliate link to make your account on FinnishPod101. It’s super easy to sign up—enter your email or sign up via Facebook.

Step 2: Choose a lesson pathway

On the homepage of your account, navigate to the top where it says “Lessons.” This will take you to the Lesson Library, with hundreds of learning pathways (modules). There are pathways for any level of Finnish speaker, from absolute beginner to advanced.

There are hundreds of pathways to choose from, but some examples are:

  • Absolute Beginner: The best starting point for people new to the language.
  • Survival Phrases: Helps you get around with essential vocabulary and phrases.
  • Basic Bootcamp: Basic vocabulary and grammar.

You can change your level anytime and sort the pathway options by media type (audio or video) and categories (conversation, vocabulary, culture, etc.).

Step 3: Start your lessons

Each lesson in a pathway is about a specific topic. Lessons are around 10 minutes long and include these features:

  • Audio podcast.
  • Line-by-line dialogue from the lesson.
  • Key vocabulary.
  • Lesson transcript.
  • Key takeaways and summary.
  • Comments section.
Finnishpod 101 Review lesson

The lessons start with what you’ll learn and then move into a monologue or dialogue to help you hear Finnish “in action.” The teachers then break down the conversation with cultural commentary and insight into the Finnish language and customs.

The dialogue and transcript sections allow you to follow along while listening to the conversation, and then you can read the summary at the end for an overview.

Step 4: Use the learning features

You’ll get the most out of your lessons using all the features available. For example, the line-by-line dialogue section allows you to record yourself saying the sentence and then compare it to a native speaker’s pronunciation.

In the vocabulary section, you can slow down the audio to hear it better and self-record to compare your pronunciation to native speakers. It’s a great way to develop confidence in your speaking skills as you practice. The flashcard deck option is also a great way to practice your vocabulary. You can choose which words you want to practice and add them to your deck to keep practicing.

The summary section does a great job wrapping up the lesson by adding additional information and context. One of the most interesting sections is the “cultural insights” section, where they talk about Finnish customs and how that works together with the language.

Step 5: Go deeper

When you’re ready to challenge yourself, there are some engaging lessons in the intermediate pathways, such as:

  • Finnish job interviews.
  • Making requests at a Finnish hotel.
  • Getting a gym membership (advanced level).

These lessons have detailed descriptions of how to use grammar and verb tenses in real-life situations. FinnishPod101 has done a great job turning everyday situations into learning opportunities!

FinnishPod101 Review: Does it Teach You Finnish?

Overall, yes. FinnishPod101 is a great platform to learn Finnish. They do a great job covering culturally relevant topics and incorporating vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation into their lessons. But what about spoken Finnish?

It seems that FinnishPod101’s lessons are too formal for a natural conversation. There is, however, a whole pathway that focuses on slang and spoken Finnish. This is a valuable resource for those who want to learn a more natural, conversational style. This should not prevent you from using the platform, though, because standard Finnish is still useable, and there are many other resources available that can help you transition between standard and spoken Finnish when you are ready.

FinnishPod101 Technical Details

Right now, there is a mobile version to go alongside the desktop version, though it’s not as user-friendly and doesn’t have all the same features as the desktop version, such as the flashcards. FinnishPod101 plans to include this in the app in the future, though, and they’re sure to keep improving the mobile experience.

Pricing & Plans

If you’re interested in FinnishPod101, there are four levels to choose from:

  • The free plan gives you access to just the first three lessons of each pathway.
  • The basic plan gives you access to all the lessons in each pathway.
  • The premium plan gives you all the lessons in addition to the vocabulary tools, voice recording tools, slideshow, flashcards, line-by-line dialogue, and many other features. I think this is the best option for a well-rounded approach to learning Finnish.
  • The premium plus plan will also give you access to a 1-on-1 teacher, though some feedback has said it might not be that valuable.

In terms of pricing, the longer you subscribe to FinnishPod101, the cheaper it is. The premium plan, for example, is $10.00/month for 24 months, but if you only want it for one year, it goes up to $15.00/month, or for six months is $20.00/month. Some may argue the price is high but you get a lot of bang for your buck. It’s good to note that FP101 runs regular discount campaigns so if you can grab a discount, it will be worth it.

To make it more affordable, you can use the code “perapera” at the checkout to get 30% off your subscription! Now there’s no reason not to jump in and give FinnishPod101 a try.

Final Verdict: FinnishPod101 Review

FinnishPod101 has both pros and cons. The main pro of this platform is a vast selection of practical, high-quality, and relevant Finnish lessons. Other pros are the cultural insights, the handy mobile app, flashcards for practicing and prompts to get you to speak and compare your pronunciation. You can also learn at your own pace and choose what you want to learn.

The cons of FinnishPod101 are that the pathways are not structured and obvious which order you should do them in. There is not as much feedback as on other learning platforms like Duolingo. Finally, there is a lack of spoken Finnish in the lessons, but hopefully, they will change this in the future.

My final FinnishPod101 review verdict is that it’s a great tool to help you learn the language, especially for beginners. And since there is a week-long trial and a 60-day moneyback guarantee, there’s no harm in trying! You will get the most out of the platform by being consistent, using all the tools available, and staying motivated to learn.

So, as a random Finnish guy on the internet… do I recommend it? Yes, I do. If you want to learn Finnish, try it out! You can use my affiliate link to try the premium version for seven days. Good luck and have fun!

Click here to try FinnishPod101 (affiliate link)

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